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Michael Avery




A Visionary Vanguard:
Women Propelling the Evolution of Private Equity

A quiet yet momentous revolution is underway in South Africa’s private equity profession, defying long-held conventions and reshaping the contours of the financial landscape. In this high-stakes domain, a new vanguard of women is emerging as the torchbearers of transformation.

In this, our second ever feature on women in private equity, we venture into the compelling narratives of these extraordinary trailblazers, whose tenacity and brilliance have propelled them to the forefront of an industry historically dominated by their male counterparts. From seasoned veterans wielding decades of experience to audacious rising stars, this formidable cohort is rewriting the playbook of private equity, ushering in an era defined by inclusivity and diversity.

Amidst the intricate dance of dealmaking and value creation, these enterprising visionaries divulge the strategies that have led to their triumphs, unveiling the hurdles surmounted and opportunities seized, and sharing their personal stories too. Nurturing businesses to flourish, creating employment avenues, and igniting socioeconomic growth remain the cornerstones of their transformative endeavours. That they are women is secondary to their professional personas, but we cannot divorce this from the reality that the industry has been slow to embrace gender diversity. The private equity landscape, despite its soaring potential, witnesses a striking dearth of female representation, and thus they embark on an odyssey of change and disruption.



I’m not a fan of sweeping gender generalisations, nor the feminist Barbie bashing of men, so let us tread with caution when attributing gender-specific traits, and instead seek to embrace the immense value derived from the interplay of diverse talents.

It is in the spirit of genuine collaboration and the pursuit of excellence, irrespective of gender, that we find the true essence of optimal leadership, so join us on this in-depth exploration into the journeys of these remarkable leaders, as they share invaluable insights and unrivalled experiences in this second Catalyst Women
in Private Equity feature. Their audacious vision for the future of private equity can only foster an ecosystem where diversity sparks innovation and redefines traditional paradigms.

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