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DealMakers M&A Pulse

M&A Pulse is the weekly DealMakers  newsletter that goes out once a week. 

Each issue includes items such as:

  • Weekly round up of listed and unlisted deals in SA

  • Weekly summary of M&A activity across the rest of Africa

  • Weekly rundown of general corporate finance activity in SA

  • Thorts article

  • Latest M&A Rankings (this runs for the last time in mid to late November, and resumes in February each year after the final year results are announced at the Gala Awards)

  • DealMakers Directory listings

  • Links to advisory firm insight articles

  • Links to general news articles relating to the M&A and Corporate Finance Industry

  • Content covers SA | Catalyst (PE and VC News) and Africa

Take a look at past issues or sign up to get M&A Pulse in your mailbox every Friday

DealMakers also has a dedicated space on the GhostMail website were the weekly round up articles, Thorts articles and rankings are included.

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Take a look at our weekly content below:

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2023 Who's doing what in Africa.jpg
2023 General Corporate Finance.jpg
2023 Thorts.jpg
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Africa Thorts Option 3.jpg
Africa Results No 2.jpg
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