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DealM@kers Online is the web-based portal that provides users with access to the DealMakers data tables from 2000.

The system provides users with access to the following data tables :

SA exchange listed deals

SA unlisted deals

SA general corporate finance transactions (this includes):

  • Listings

  • Share issues

  • Share repurchases

  • Unbundlings

  • Restructurings

SA exchange listed company affairs (this includes):

  • Listings

  • Delistings

  • Suspensions

  • Name changes

  • Sector changes

  • Foreign listings/delistings

  • Liquidations

  • Increases in authorised share capital

Going Over Data

Search functionality

DM Online allows the user to pull data within a variety of specified parameters such as:

Year ​

Sector classification

Advisory firm

Results are provided in Excel for ease of use

Types of information provided include:

For listed deals



Nature of Deal



Acquirer/Seller/Asset sector classification

Four types of advisers (if available)

  • Financial/investment advisers

  • Sponsors

  • Legal Advisers

  • Reporting Accountants

Each of these advisory categories is then broken down into the following:

  • SA adviser(s)

  • Foreign advisers

  • Buyer advisers

  • Seller Advisers

Value of the deal

Announcement date of the deal

Additional commentary such as premium paid etc

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